The Karnataka State Archives is a treasure of historically important documents. It contains source material relating to the History of Mysore, i.e., establishment of the British Rule in Mysore, French records relating to the correspondence between Hyder Ali - Tippu sultan and the French, and attempts made by the Indian National Congress to out the British from Princely State of Mysore, and Unification Movement, etc. In addition to the above Kannada -Marathi Modi records, and Gazettes from 1866 are available. Most of the records are in English, few are in French, Marathi Modi and in Kannada. Public/Scholars, officers and Officials of Government and Semi Government Organisations avail these records for reference

                                      The regular record services of different Departments are as follows

Agriculture (1836-1942)

Animal Husbandry (1871-1902)

Banking  (1871-1902)

Courts (1835-1925)

Coorg District (1952-1955)

Confidential Branch (1913-1943)

Dewans Correspondence 1899-1906)

Education (1851-1953)

Economic Conference (1917-1922)

Efficiency and General rules (1914-1923)

Excise (1918-1926)

Finance (1903-1942)

Forest (1836-1943)

General Miscellaneous (1836-1942)

General Finance (1845-1940)

Geological (1915-1942)

Government Gardens (1926-1942)

Industries & Commerce (1872-1946)

Local Exams (1877-1925)

Land Survey (1860-1947)

Local Boards (1837-1943)

Legislative (1904-1942)

Laws (1927-1942)


Muzrai (1846-1943)


Medical (1831-1942)

Press (1862-1925)

Palace Papers (1867-1923)

Police (1832-1942)

Prisons (1859-1942)

Revenue department (1904-1924)

Road Taxes (1936-1942)


Sanitary (1862-1900)

Reference aids such as Catalogues, list of oral records, microfilm strips and various other lists are available for reference to Scholars/Public. Facilities for photo duplications, microfilming of records/files are available. All records more than 35 years old are considered for classification as historical records and open to scholars for research and public. Private records acquired by Karnataka State Archives are also open for scholars for reference.

DISCLAIMERR: Content owned, maintained and updated by Karnataka State Archives Department.

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