Limitation and Problems

Most valuable documents of historical value that are available in the District and Taluk Departments of the Government, private institutions and individuals are at the verge of decay and death due to lack of scientific maintenance.

As State Archives is at present located in the highly restricted Vidhana Soudha, unrestricted entrance to Archives by the public, research scholars and students is an Herculean task.

Due to lack of space and prevalence of dusty and chemically infected atmosphere, which is hazardous to health, staff, scholars and public find it difficult to examine the documents. Absence of air-conditioning prevents proper protection of the documents.

Historically valuable documents that are available with many Private Archives at different places in Karnataka are not easily accessible to Scholars.

As there are no descriptive catalogues to many of the documents in the State Archives, it has become very difficult to identify the number of documents on a particular subject and also to locate them with ease.

The only solution that lies to all these problems is, as declared by our Hon’ble Chief Minister
1. Computerization of all the documents
2. Digitalization of the documents so computerized.

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