Deparatmental Activities

The Secretariat is the epicenter of the Government around which the entire State Administration rotates and hence its records are the reflections of Government Administration that are of much value to historians and scholars and hence preserving and maintaining them under A, B and C classifications.

Preservation of historically important non-secretariat Public Records that belong to erstwhile Kingdoms of Mysore, Keladi, Hale Nagara, Vijayanagara, Coorg et cetera and records that belong to District Revenue Offices which are extremely important and of permanent value.

Maintanance of the Records of the Secretariat in the General Record Section of the Archives under the categories of 1. Current Records; 2. Non-current Records of more than 30 years; and making them available to the various Government Departments, on requisition, whenever required by them.

Collecting and preserving the important records of historical value that belong to Autonomous Bodies like Hon’ble High Court of Karnataka, Karnataka Government Legislatures et cetera and Local Bodies.

Receiving and preserving the Records and Reports pertaining to Committees/Commissions that have been constituted by the Government from time to time.

The Directorate is responsible for surveying and acquiring papers and documents of historical value with the old-time Religious Institutions, Palegãr and Princely families and also private papers of persons who have played a pre-eminent role in the life of the Community.

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