Computerization Activities

To facilitate easy identification of documents work has already started to computerize all the required information about the documents. With this, required information can be obtained quickly from the computer.

After the completion of computerization, it has been planned to scan and clean the documents and to host them on web through our own Server, with a Search Engine, in the Second Phase, so that any where in the world the scholars can make use of them for their research and study.

Work has already begun to computerize the catalogues of Private Papers acquired from the Private Institutions and Individuals, and also to scan and to host the selected important documents on the Web through the Server of the Department.

Work has already commenced to computerize 30 years completed “B” category files of various Departments, and to return them to the concerned Departments so that they can decide the permanency of records and return them to Archives for their permanent preservation.

Making the computerized catalogues and scanned valuable historical documents available to the needy Private Institutions and Individuals through CDs and Floppies.

Issuing of authorized and authenticated documents through “web” itself and answering queries and to provide details about the documents through e-mail services.

Computerization of most valuable documents available with the Private Archives and hosting them on the ‘Web’ of the Directorate, and making their CDs available to the publics.

To create State Wide Net Working (SWAN) for the Directorate by installing computers both at the identified locations of Government Departments and State Archives, and also at the identified centers of Private Archives.

Making it possible for all the needy public to get all the required information, forms and methods that they may have to adopt to obtain the help of the Directorate and also to make payments of fee for obtaining authenticated documents through the ‘Web’ of the Directorate.

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