Directorate of Archaeology & Museums
Government of Karnataka



The Department of Archaeology and Museums came into existence during 1885 and it is one of the oldest Archaeological departments in the Country. B.L.Rice, the first Director, published 9000 inscriptions in 12        volumes of “Epigraphia Carnatica”.

R.Narasimhachar, who succeeded B.L.Rice, added about 4000 inscriptions to the list and published them in the annual report of the Department. Later Dr.M.H.Krishna, apart from discovering 2000 inscriptions, conducted Archaeological excavations at Chandravalli and Brahmagiri. He edited “Epigraphia Carnatica” volume 13, 14 and 15 and published the famous Mysore Archaeological Reports.

Dr.M.Sheshadri, who succeeded Dr.K.A.Neelakantha Shastri conducted Archaeological Excavations at Banavasi and T.Narasipur. In the year 1962, the Museums came in to the purview of the Department. Dr.M.S.Nagaraja Rao, who became the Director in the year 1972, conducted excavations at Komaranahalli, Tadakanahalli and at Hampi.